Philip J. Viverito

Author: Philip J. Viverito
Copyright: July 18, 1998
Page count: 52
ISBN-10: 1889584045
ISBN-13: 978-1889584041
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Classical Hack Scenarios: Rome

Scenarios Rome was the first book in the LMW Works' Scenarios series. This book strictly deals with Roman battles (Scenarios) from 750 B.C. to 250 A.D. As there is much information to cover in this time period, a sequel devoted to later Roman military periods is in the works.

In Scenarios Rome you get a brief period-by-period description of armies, complete with tactical diagrams, and easily-to-construct battle situations (Scenarios). Each Scenario gives a brief account of a specific battle, including the opposition's battle orders, special tactics used by both armies and victory conditions. The Scenarios were designed by some of the foremost experts in American Ancients Gaming, and therefore take on a feeling of authenticity from the first move.

In Scenarios Rome, players have a comprehensive guide to gaming, right down to the lists drawn from historical commentary and the individual scenario orders of battle. Scenarios Rome also provides a variant play system section, updates to special tactics, and a beginner's guide for variant play with rules clarifications. As an added bonus, Scenarios Rome also contains important vendor information for turning your hard-earned gold into lead. We have listed some of the preeminent gaming supply outlets and distributors where you can make your most important gaming purchases.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Allan Fleming providing the concept for Scenarios Rome. It was Allan who said, after his first session of the original Classical Hack, “This system is great! You have got to [write] a Scenario book.” So, we did. We also thank Steve Phenow, Scott Holder, Robert Sillars, Russ Lockwood, Philip J. Viverito and Peter Connolly for their contributions to this text.

Classical Hack Scenarios: Rome was released at Historicon '98.

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