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Military history comes to life at LMW Works. We publish miniature gaming rules sets and historical non-fiction. If you have a manuscript without a publisher, we would love to get to know you. Contact LMW Works today!

Classical Hack Scenarios Rome

In Scenarios Rome you get a brief period-by-period description of armies, complete with tactical diagrams, and easily-to-construct battle situations (Scenarios). Each Scenario gives a brief account of a specific battle, including the opposition's battle orders, special tactics used by both armies and victory conditions.

Knight Hack

Knight Hack has been presented in demonstration games at conventions throughout the United States and Canada. This widespread exposure has prompted key improvements to the game without disrupting its basic mechanisms, its historical authenticity, or the spirit in which it was created of teaching history through minature gaming.

Classical Hack Scenarios Macedonia

Macedonia is the second in the series of Scenarios books published by LMW Works. The book takes the reader from the time of Philip II (Alexander's father) to Hydaspes, Alexander's last battle fought in 326 B.C. and includes a narrative, the scenarios themselves and most importantly a complete listing of Macedonian army orders of battle.

Hack in the Dark

Rome was fading. The empire faced relentless invaders who sought a better life within its borders. Walls were built to guard the city, but they failed against waves of determined marauders. While the walls crumbled, so did Rome's monetary system as trade stagnated, sapping Roman legal tender of its value.

Homeric Hack

Homeric Hack explores in detail the military conflicts around the time of Homer (circa 800 B.C.). From the individual duels to the legendary battles of the Trojan War, Homeric Hack puts you in the midst of the military struggles immortalized by Homer, Creophylus of Samos, Panyassis of Halicarnassus, and others.

Classical Hack: Second Edition

Classical Hack Ancient Warfare: 600 B.C. to 600 A.D., Second Edition is a historical game system for use with miniature figures in the ancient period. The book itself is 42 pages in length being published in a single volume measuring 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches and is profusely illustrated with diagrams and charts.


Phil's Collection

There are two certain byproducts of a 50+ year gaming career: a lot of knowledge and a lot of figures. Philip J. Viverito, co-owner of LMW Works, confirms this through a video tour of his gaming room. Phil's collection of soldiers spans the timeline of military history and represents painstaking historical accuracy and attention to detail.

Visit the official Classical Hack website for more information on Phil's work, or contact Phil at LMW Works.